Bimala – A Classic Formula for Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, and More

Bimala is an herbal formula developed by the 8th century Indian monk and Buddhist Dzogchen (Natural Great Perfection) master Vimalamitra. It is often prescribed in cases of persistent insomnia and night waking, mood swings, agitated and hostile dispositions, restlessness, lack of concentration, and faltering memory. Various states of depression, unshakeable and unexplainable sadness, muddled and confused thought patterns, chronic headache conditions, chest pain, lethargy, and an absence of mental clarity can benefit from this medicine. Bimala is also widely used by those who are engaged in meditative disciplines and by those who are seeking to establish and maintain a balanced and tranquil mind.

Vimalamitra describes the medicine as follows: “A special therapy for vata (wind/rlung) in the heart:when the nine wicked spirit siblings are rampant,no one will be unaffected by this disease.The symptoms are depression, mental instability, disturbed thinking, pain and tightness in front and back of the upper body,lack of mental clarity, poor memory,being sad for no reason, restlessness,hostility, lethargy and agitation, shortness of breath,acute fainting. Because various illnesses arise, the method of healing them with medicine is demonstrated.”