Homeopathic Remedy Pictures: Sepia

Sepia is a homeopathic remedy made from the ink of the cuttlefish. The cuttlefish uses its ink to darken its watery environment, help capture its prey, and as an aid in concealing itself from its predators. The cuttlefish’s body cannot be extricated from its enclosing shell. This fact finds a parallel with the patient in need of Sepia, who feels the need to break free from constricting and inhibiting temperamental, sexual, and emotional patterns of thought and behaviour, but who finds herself utterly unable to do so. When well indicated, Sepia can assist a person who is suffering from such tendencies, which cannot simply be disowned and rejected, to gradually integrate and transform them. Sepia can promote the development of “a conscious understanding with which to complement the world of instinctive feeling” (Edward Whitmont).

One of the prominent mental-emotional symptoms of this remedy is a pervasive feeling of apathy, dullness, confusion, and stasis. The Sepia patient is well known to exhibit a strong degree of indifference and neutrality to those around her, especially those who are loved best. The desire for solitude is prominent with this remedy, along with an aversion to company, a feeling of needing to break free from mundane cares, worries and burdens, and a tiredness stemming from the many overwhelming and seemingly inescapable demands of life. Sepia patients can be tearful and weepy, and report feeling overwhelmed by an all-encompassing sense of dissatisfaction and uneasiness. A tendency towards anger and impatience may be present. Additionally, a high degree of intuition, even clairvoyance, may be suggestive of Sepia.Homeopath Richard Pitt describes the underlying idea of Sepia as follows: “my survival is dependent on my ability to move and to be active, to free myself from the restrictions of life and not be dragged down and suppressed by social and daily pressures. I need to be independent to know who I am.”