Imponderable Remedies: Spectrum

There are a number of imponderable remedies in the homeopathic materia medica. These are remedies that are made from intangible energy sources. Homeopathy is premised on the notion that every substance is infused with a dynamic motivating energy, and that this energy can be reflected in human consciousness and corresponding states of health and disease. This same notion of dynamic, motivating energy applies equally to material and immaterial realms of existence.

One such immaterial (or imponderable) remedy, called Spectrum or Rainbow, is made from sunlight shining through a prism, which separates the light into its component colors. The chief indications of this remedy are to encourage the flow of fluid energy, especially as it relates to the blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid. As cerebrospinal fluid is responsible for supplying nutrients to nervous system tissue and removing waste products from cerebral metabolism, Spectrum also acts indirectly on the central nervous system. It is a remedy that can be extremely useful when it comes to ridding the system of toxicity and pollutants, such as exposure to radiation and the ill effects of inoculations. Spectrum can also greatly help the organism to detoxify and recalibrate itself after excessive drug use, both pharmaceutical and otherwise, and hence may be called for as a remedy in treating addictions.

The patient in need of Spectrum may complain of being stuck, with an inability to see how to move forward in life, and can feel like they just don’t fit in with their surrounding environment or family. There can be a deficiency of intuitive perception, pervasive spaced out feelings and a lack of groundedness, as well as a generalized apprehensive and fearful orientation towards the world. Spectrum may also be indicated in cases of sudden emotional shocks to the system that result in states of breakdown or debility. In short, Spectrum is a remedy that helps to provide roots to those who are rootless, to strengthen the intuitive faculties, to create flow where there is stagnation, and thus help with the movement towards the integration and unification of one’s whole being.