Buddleja davidii: The Emotional Bombsite.

 Buddleja davidii (butterfly bush). Buddleja has been described as a remedy for those who find themselves in an “emotional bombsite.” It is a remedy for states of hypersensitivity which arise as a consequence of extreme shock, sudden loss, overwhelm and ruin. It can be given to those who have witnessed or been subjected to horrific events. Beyond its employment in acute situations characterized by deep, destabilizing shock, Buddleja is also one of the primary remedies for affecting healing in those who carry trauma from long ago, including the trauma of one’s ancestors as well as from past lives. Symbolically, it is a remedy that works on the level of primordial fear and terror which reach all the way back to humanity’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

Buddleja facilitates the releasement of deep states of devastation which keep a person mired in cycles of never ending anguish and negativity. Buddleja allows for the renewed communication with Life. It is a remedy of remarkable peace and surrender which gradually allows one to move forward after being held back by the accumulated ill effects of negative karmic patterns of experiencing.

Buddleja is also an excellent remedy to give before and after anaesthesia, and greatly helps to ward off or undo any ill-effects of such. It is a remedy for head injuries, as well as comatose states. Buddleja is also remarkable for aiding in the transitions in and out of this life (pregnancy, birth, and death).