Homeopathic Consultation

Effective homeopathic treatment is based upon a thorough and comprehensive
assessment of your overall state of health. This means that physical complaints,
lifestyle issues, family history, psycho-emotional patterns and dispositional
tendencies, among other areas, will all be thoroughly explored. Detailed
observations, which may seem insignificant from an orthodox medical perspective,
are essential to consider in order to arrive at a successful homeopathic prescription.
This is because homeopathic medicine is a highly individualized system of healing,
which gives the wholeness of the individual pride of place. The nature of your
relationships, your stresses, your reactions to different types of weather and
environmental circumstances, your food cravings and aversions, your sexuality,
your sleep and the nature of your dreams are some of the many areas which we may
need to investigate in order to arrive at an understanding of what most
fundamentally needs to be treated and cured.

The initial consultation lasts between 90 minutes to 2 hours, which allows for the
nuances of your concerns and the background from which they have emerged to be
perceived in great detail. The areas of your life and health that you are experiencing
the most difficulty with will be the focus of our consultation. In order for these
issues to be properly addressed we must understand your patterns of susceptibility,
or why you express the particular symptoms that you do.

Once all of the relevant information has been gathered, thoroughly studied and
analyzed, a homeopathic medicine will then be prescribed. After the initial
prescription has been given, follow ups are usually suggested at a 3-5 week interval.
The length between follow-ups depends upon the nature and severity of the
complaints. As improvements are seen in your situation, follow ups are then carried
out over longer periods of time to ensure a continued and progressive healing

The total length of a homeopathic treatment depends upon your overall state of
health and the nature of your state of dis-ease. Some patients experience immediate
results and need only a few doses of their homeopathic remedy. Others need more
time and more frequent repetitions. For some patients, a series of remedies may be
required in order to arrive at comprehensive healing. This is because homeopathic
medicine does not serve to suppress symptoms, but to create lasting changes that
lead to a state of equilibrium and stability. This is a process that may require
progressively and sequentially working on different layers or levels of your health
over a period of time.

Homeopathic medicines do not create dependency and are non-addictive. The aim
of treatment is to increase your overall state of health and wellbeing, to strengthen
your body’s innate defences and immune responses, as well as to generate insight
into the nature of the issues and obstacles that have defined your situation. Once
these goals have been attained, treatment is no longer required.

It is important to understand that a sincere commitment to healing is essential for
the best results to be attained. Homeopathy works, but because the focus is on the
rehabilitation of your innate self-healing capacities, the process cannot be rushed or
forced. Homeopathic remedies must be allowed to act, and especially in health
conditions of long standing, your cooperation as an active participant in your own
healing process is essential. Homeopathic remedies work to rebalance the energetic
as well as the physical levels of your organism, allowing you to regain autonomy
over your health and to live your best life.