Practical Homeopathy for Self and Family Care

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that is renowned for its profound ability to rehabilitate and enhance the individual’s capacity for self-healing on the level of body, mind, and soul. Homeopathic remedies are ultra-high dilutions made from natural substances, and prescribed with great precision according to symptom similarity. When a correct remedy is given, based on its resonance with or affinity for the totality of an individual’s symptom picture, it serves to energetically stimulate the vital force (or homeostatic controller) of the human organism so that a deep and lasting curative process is initiated from within.

Homeopathic medicine is an empowering system of healing, the basics of which can be readily learnt and applied by individuals to support their health and the health of their families. In this 12 week course, we will explore the foundations of home prescribing and the treatment of commonly encountered acute conditions. Participants will learn the fundamentals of 30 essential remedies and how to use them to support themselves and their families in regularly encountered acute situations. Examples from clinical cases will be used to illustrate the treatment of such issues as fevers and colds, physical injuries (e.g. concussions, bruises, sprains, and falls), infections, food poisoning, and allergic reactions, among other conditions. Potencies and potency selection, the use of the repertory, and insights into understanding the materia medica will be covered at length. Important elements of the historical, theoretical and philosophical basis of homeopathic medicine are discussed throughout the course.

Classes are pre-recorded (over 30 hours of material). Registrants get lifetime access to the course materials. A reading list, bibliography, and detailed slides will be shared will all students.

Who is this course for? 1. Anyone with a strong interest in natural healing, who is looking to empower themselves by taking control of their health and the health of their family. 2. Healthcare practitioners who are curious about homeopathy and who would like to establish solid foundational understanding of homeopathic healing principles and practices.

Price: $350 CAD. To register, please write to:

Student Testimonials:

“Through Victor’s course I now have an abundance of practical homeopathic tools to support the health and well being of my family when it comes to first aid and treatment of common ailments. The power point documentation and recorded classes made it easy to study, learn and effectively apply homeopathic treatments. In addition to structured classes, Victor invited participants’ questions, facilitating animated discussions, enriching my understanding of homeopathy. I am already treating family members and myself with positive results.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to be empowered to take care of their health.”

“Victor is an excellent teacher who embodies a plethora of knowledge in homeopathy. I really enjoyed his take on each remedy and the remedies he chose for us to learn. As an herbalist, I appreciated learning the depth in energetics of the remedies we were taught. It’s set a great foundation for home care and how my family can benefit from homeopathic medicine. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get a good foundation in Homeopathy. I hope to partake in future courses with Victor.”