Homeopathy for Shock, Grief, & Trauma

In this two part webinar series, we will explore the unique approach that homeopathic medicine has to offer in the treatment of shock, grief, and trauma. Homeopathy presents us with an archetypal, dynamic, and psychosomatic approach to healing that is based on nature’s universal curative principle: the law of similars. We will explore in detail several important remedies that can be reliably used by home prescribers in situations of acute shock and grief. We will also discuss the significant potential of homeopathy to work on deeply entrenched, chronic states of traumatic experience.

States of shock, grief, and trauma can be stored in the organism in the form of cellular memory, a kind of energetic charge, that in severe cases cannot be directly accessed through the vehicle of the conscious mind. Repressed memories, which are somatized on the physical plane, can activate latent disease susceptibilities of the individual sufferer, thereby leading to the manifestation of chronic disease states. In homeopathy, mind and body are not considered to be separate entities, but rather as inextricably entangled in a global field effect. It is this field effect, as it manifests through the dynamis or vital force of the organism, that homeopathy seeks to treat. In so doing, homeopathy significantly challenges conventional understandings of what belongs to psyche and what belongs to soma.

The archetypal field patterns which underlie and are encoded in the vast diversity of material forms which populate earth possess similarities to, and hence hold the curative potential for, the psychosomatic totalities of diseased persons. The healing powers of such field patterns are made accessible through the ultra-high dilutions (or ‘potencies’) that are employed in homeopathic medical practice. Homeopathic potencies can serve to both address the effects of trauma incurred in a patient’s lifetime as well as the malign influences of ancestral trauma and associated miasmatic (or epigenetic) patterns of inheritance.

Lectures are pre-recorded (4 hours of material).

Price: $55 CAD. To register, write to: victor.cirone@gmail.com